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Lahti, Finland

I am self-learned artist, born and raised in Finland. I have always been drawn in to aesthetics, I have a degree in interior design, and have been painting all my life for my own pleasure.


Last few years I have been practicing all different mediums and techniques. After finding alcohol inks I totally fell in love with abstract expression.

I have lost myself to depth of colours, textures, movement and all the different nuances that inks have to offer. It's never ending story, path of endless details and structures.

Every painting session is an exrcise of mindfulness and a connection to my inner self.

Painting is endless experimenting and exploring, putting your soul and heart to process. I have developed an independent and unique style and way to use alcohol inks. It is rewarding when you can look an art piece, and you can see so much of youself in that way, how artwork reweals itself.

Grateful for this opportunity to have founded something that gives me so much meaning and joy

– and be able to share it with others!


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