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Comissions- abstract ink art

Are you looking for a unique abstract alcohol ink art piece designed specifically for you?
Whether you are looking for a small artwork, or a lar
ger statement piece, comissioning is a great option!

You can have an artwork in your favorite color combination, in scale you want, and so that it matches to your room and style! 


First we have to decide the size of your furure comission work! Maybe you want it to fit to specific frame you have in mind, or just want to go big and bold and maybe frame it by professional.

You can also to send me images of your room, and we can plan together the  best options for you when it comes to size.


Since you heve decided to order a comission from me, you are propably familiar with my style.
Any reference photos you can send me of my artworks that you like,

will be really helpful, so I know the style of piece that you would like to order.

Because alcohol inks are fluid medium, it's impossible to repeat some previous painting, but I will follow the guidelines of your reference pictures, what comes to composition, color palette and overall style.


Prices of comission works depends on the size and style both : how much material / work hours it will take.

Here is a rough price scale of comissions in synthetic paper.

You can of course choose any size, I cut all the paper from bigger paper rolls, so size can be pretty much anything.

For shipping though, one side of the painting must be under 100cm!

You will get to know a exact price after I have been going through you wishes, and then you get to decide if you want to make your actual order.


PRICE ON CANVAS ( delivery only on Finland! )

After you have contact me, I will send you a quick questionnaire that will help to get all the information, so I can calculate the final offer for you.




After you have confirmd your order, I will send you a link to my webshop for deposit payment.

A non refundable 50% deposit is required before I start to work on your piece. The remaining 50%  is to be paid once your piece is finished, prior to shipping.


My current comission turn around time is 2-3 weeks.


Shipping will be in postal tube, by my normal shipping policies. So your artwork will be posted in postal tube, with a shipping code, so it will be possible to track the order.

Your order Includes:

  • Color consultation 

  • Alcohol ink painting on synthetic paper or on canvas - depending your order.

  • You get to give feebdack through process pictures I send.

  • The painting will be sealed with several layers of UV protection spray.

  • Certificate of authentication

30 x 40cm


50 x 70cm

80 - 100e

60 x 90cm


70 x 100cm


45 x 45cm


60 x 60cm

80 - 100e

75 x 75cm


90 x 75cm


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