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Original alcohol ink art, fine art posters,
handmade earrings

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Alkoholimuste taidetta, alkuperäisiä taideteoksia, taidejulisteita, käsintehtyjä korvakoruja, tilaustöitä.

When you buy original art piece, you are buying much more than just an art piece: there’s part of my soul, my heart, my time. By buying original art, you are also giving the artist a possibility to continue painting and grow as an artist.

Thank you!


ALCOHOL INK ARTWORKS are art pieces, that are made to synthetic paper. Alcohol inks are dissolved in alcohol and inks are recognized by their intense, vibrant, translucent colours. Inks tend to have a mind of their own, they are somewhat unpredictable and challenging medium.  Painting with alcohol inks requires some relinquishing of control and letting the medium be part of the finished image. 

COMISSION WORKS:  if you are looking for a specific colour scheme or size, you can always order a custom-made art piece!

Just contact me and tell me what kind of art you are looking for!


I'd love to hear from you



Facebook : Johanna Koskinen Art

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